Stop Give Me Money

I urge you, please don`t overuse the donate button. For the love of God, can you stop give me money. I don`t need that much. This is ridiculous, even for a spoiled brat like me. I can only blow away so much. The day doesn`t have enough hours to use these sums and I`m not hiring someone to spend it for me. D'oh!

PayPal complain they don`t have enough numbers to write my balance. These rapid donations is crazy. I`m not running a f*@& superpack, I manage a superego - ME and I`m a total shithead.

I`m giving you this one warning. If you don`t stop this I`m gonna track down each one of you motherf*#@=& and throw British one pounds coins, the most arrogant currency ever, straight in your f*%# face. Then you`ll understand why these bitches where made for payback and not normal trade. Their heavier than f*@% bullets.