Master of The International Heavyweight Language Norwegian And That Other One

-I speak that, bitch! I`m one of the selected 5 million people who can decode the coded language Norwegian and simultainly comunicate with the whole world in English. Not that I care what other people say, I`m more concerned with what I say. It`s your job to listen, bitch!

Do you want to be my bitch? I need bitches to make money on this freaking blog shit. So read motherfucker and leave me alone cause I`m not interested in what you got to say. That`s for losers.. or followers as you say to not humiliate yourself too much, but you are a looser. Just to make that clear. Now check out the webpages on the right before I kill you.

A lot of Jews wish they where Norwegians, cause deep down there they know we are the selected people. Ask any Jew by name and he will tell you to go fuck yourself. Thats how sensitive they are. Jealous motherfuckers.

Is it a smart move for me to talk down on the jews and curse as much as I do? Off course. Everything I do is pr definition right cause I am the best. The prophet Mother Norway made that clear 1500 years ago when he dictated the state of the world to her assistant who wrote it down 500 years later. You can argue with memory like that. Shalam!